Are US Bishops Doing A Mexican Hat Dance?

If you want to know what the Catholic bishops are going to do about the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare that went into effect August 1st, then you may first have to know what they are going to do about illegal immigration to the United States from Mexico.

This is so because the same theology and Bible that teaches the Catholic Church to oppose contraception also teaches the Church to oppose illegal immigration. In short, the US Bishops can't oppose one without opposing the other.

Nevertheless, reality and politics in the United States have put Church leaders in a situation where they must confront a contradiction: How can they oppose ObamaCare while at the same time filling aging US parishes with illegal Mexicans?

Many pundits have decried the "pact with the devil" the Catholic Church made with the Democratic Party in the health care debate. I prefer to call it a dance more that a pact, yet this dance isn't the most significant dance the US Bishops are doing.

The dance that started it all was the Mexican Hat Dance the US Bishop's did in support of illegal immigration to the United States, especially illegal immigration from Mexico. This was the first dance. The second dance is ObamaCare:

"In a January 13 conference call and briefing, Kevin Appleby, a representative of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, explained in frank language why the Bishops are so desperate to pass the health care and immigration bills. He said that the Bishops want a federal health plan to absorb the costs being borne by the nation's 600 Catholic hospitals to cover illegal aliens."

Then there is the point of view offered by "I hardly feel one ounce of sympathy for the Catholic Church and the bed they laid in with socialists in America for too many decades to count. It wasn't hard to envision that they too would eventually be consumed by the devil they played with."

We all know that sooner or later the horned head of "social justice" would appear on the dance floor. So adds, "The Church has been playing the social justice game for a long time now and they have finally gotten ensnared in their own game."

All of this finger pointing goes back to a most insightful essay by Paul A. Rahe. He writes:

"You have to hand it to Barack Obama. He has unmasked in the most thoroughgoing way the despotic propensities of the administrative entitlements state and of the Democratic Party. And now he has done something similar to the hierarchy of the American Catholic Church."

Rahe also tells us why illegal Mexicans are important to the Bishops in the United States. They hope to use illegal to make up for what they lost to the suburbs.

"There is, in fact, not a single country in the social democratic sphere where either the Catholic Church or a Protestant Church is anything but moribund. This is by no means fortuitous. When entitlements stand in for charity and the Social Gospel is preached in place of the Word of God, heaven on earth becomes the end, and Christianity goes by the boards."

Add to this, Joseph Farah comments and we come to see how the dance is looking like a danse macabre. "Ultimately, the political debate about borders and illegal immigration is a debate about national sovereignty... It's really true -- especially when two countries very different from one another in language, culture and economy share a 2,000-mile border, as do Mexico and the U.S."

Will the US Bishops be theologically and biblically consistent? Will they at the same time argue against ObamaCare and also encourage illegal immigrants from Mexico to return to their homes and work for change in their own country? After all, this is a position that is consistent with the Catholic moral principle of subsidiarity.

Beyond that encouragement to illegal Mexicans, will the Bishops also tell Catholics to oppose the Democratic Party and its Marxist programs of social justice? All this remains to be seen as the US Bishops face the coming US presidential election in November.

It may be a hard sell before that election to persuade suburban Catholics that the new Democratic Party is now using the Catholic Church's 19th century support for immigrants to further the party's 21st century Marxist policies.

After the trip and fall from the sexual abuse scandal, it is a wonder some US Bishops want to have a dance with ObamaCare in the first place. Nevertheless, the real scandal yet to unfold, is how some of these US Bishops have misunderstood the universal mission of the Church.

The Church offers salvation through grace and charity to all men. It does not offer salvation through a one-world Marxist government, funded by George Soros. The Catholic Church unites nations. It does not abolish nations by encouraging illegal immigration.

Will any US Bishop make Kathy Saile change her thinking? "The church believes illegal immigrants should be included in any health reform plan, according to Kathy Saile, director of domestic-social development with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. 'If health care is a basic right, you can't start cutting people out,' she said."

You will know the US Bishops are serious about not dancing with the ObamaCare mandate when you hear a sermon by one of them encouraging illegal Mexicans to return to Mexico. Otherwise, the same contradictions that got the Bishops to the dance floor in the first place will keep tapping away.

As anyone knows who's been to an all-night party, one way out of this dilemma is to leave the ballroom and retire to the stronghold of truth. This may be difficult to do if you've had too much to drink from a punchbowl laced with the cocaine of social justice theories.

The US Catholic Bishops may be in for a long night of dancing. When they stop dancing with Obama, Pena Nieto is waiting in the corner by the punchbowl with open arms.

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