NY Times stokes Palestinian victimhood, ignores self-inflicted wounds

In its March 8 edition, the New York Times runs a front-page article about the plight of the Palestinians.  Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner writes that since the onset of the Arab Spring and the world's focus on Iran's nuclear program, "the Palestinian leadership has found itself orphaned."  Palestinians are politically divided between Fatah and Hamas, peace talks with Israel have collapsed and foreign support is waning.  ("Mideast Din Drowns Out Palestinians" page one ) Bronner goes on to quote Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian prime minister, that Arabs elsewhere are preoccupied with their own problems, the U.S. is in an election year and has economic problems, Europe has its worries - "We're in a corner." In sum, the Palestinian question is no longer front and center on the world's agenda. All true.  But who bears responsibility for this sad state of affairs?  Bronner points to external forces and trends.  But in doing so, he only helps perpetuate a...(Read Full Post)