'We hid this during the election': Latest Breitbart tapes debut

The first of the posthumous Breitbart tapes debuted last night on Hannity, and today on Breitbart.com.  You can tell the left is concerned by the fact that:

1. Journ-O-lister Ben Smith, now running Buzzfeed, pre-empted the debut by licensing the same tape from WGBH TV in Boston, and running it, minus a couple of shots, and then rushed to dismiss its significance.

2. There has been a rush to conclude that this is much ado about nothing, despite the fact that many more tapes are in prospect.

The gist of the tapes is that in 1991, when he was president of the Harvard Law Review, 30 year old Obama spoke in front of a rally of his admiration for radical professor Derrick Bell, and hugged him in front of the crowd and said:  "Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell."

Bell was the first tenured black professor at Harvard,  and a constant activist for radical positions, demonizing whites. He demanded more hiring of black radicals on the law school faculty (the rally Obama spoke at was protesting a decision not to offer tenure to a black woman), and he eventually left Harvard Law School.

There is also a shocking tape of a lecture by prominent black Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree, in which he boasted of covering up the tape in the 2008 election. "We hid this during the election," he said. It is unclear exactly who is included in "we" in this case. Could one Barack Obama be part of that group?

In fact, the footage had appeared in a PBS Frontline documentary, making no impact whatsoever upon the national conversation, a fact which the program's underwriters ought to ponder.

Breibart promised before his death to finally vet Obama. What the mainstream media will never admit is that the public persona of Obama they have collaborated in producing is a mere facade. We live in uneasy times, leading to skepticism about whether we are being told the truth. Certainly the public overwhelmingly distrusts the media.

The agenda inherited from Andrew is to reconstruct an image of Obama that makes sense to people better than the image of a basketball-loving guy with a great smile and sense of humor. The fact is that Obama has spent his adult life marinating in the sewage of race hatred and class envy spewed by the left, relentlessly.

There is more to come. The predicate has been laid.

Update: J. Christian Adams of PJ Media points to another tape showing black students occupying a Dean's office as part of the same effort to force tenure for a black professor who didn't earn it. One of the students seen occupying the office looks a lot like Michelle Obama.  Adams writes that he has seen this tape on Betamax at higher resultion, and that there is little doubt  Michelle is one of the occupiers.

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