WaPo runs reader letter blasting non-existent Israeli target

The Feb. 7 editorial page of the Washington Post features a letter from reader Joanne Heisel, who castigates Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for supposedly approving housing subsidies for 70 settlements in the West Bank.  She attributes this "fact" to the Post's coverage and goes on to argue that this proves that Netanyahu has no intention of supporting a two-state solution.  The headline over the letter reads:  "Netanyahu reveals his true intent" There's just one problem with Heisel's letter.  She's blasting a non-existant target.  Yes, the Israeli cabinet on Feb. 1 approved a list of 500 communities eligible for housing subsidies, including as it turned out several dozen in the West Bank.  The Post reported this in is Feb. 2 edition, prompting this reader's letter.   But no sooner had subsidies for settlements been publicized than the Israeli cabinet, at the instigation of Netanyahu, removed all settlements from the subsidies list,...(Read Full Post)