Fast and Furious: The silence of Latino Leaders

If you don't peruse the readers' comments when reading posts here at American Thinker, you're making a mistake. I pay particular attention to the comments posted to my own pieces because they frequently contain insights on issues which I had not previously considered. Such is the case with my recent posting on Operation Fast & Furious, where a comment from AbrahamsKid put a spark in the light bulb over my head. AK noted that there is a thunderous silence emanating from the very groups one would expect to be expressing loud outrage over the role of the American federal government in the deaths of hundreds of Latinos.

AK got me to wondering, just where the hell are the caustic, damning press releases, the spluttering television interviews, the editorial condemnations that we should expect when Latinos of any nationality are so brutally deprived of their most basic civil right, that of the right to live? Where are LULAC and La Raza? More to the point, where the hell is MALDEF, the supposed legal rights arm of the Chicano movement? MALDEF's mission statement says it is, "the law firm of the Latino American community." So where's their advocacy on behalf of all those dead Mexicans, deprived of the basic right to live from guns smuggled into their country by the American justice department? What about their suffering families, are they not entitled to reparations from the American government which was, without question, the proximate cause of their misery and depredation?

In this country, liberal groups are suing gun makers and gun dealers for their tenuous connection to violent crimes carried out by criminals who most likely obtained their weaponry through less than legal sources. Yet here we have a clear-cut trail of direct gun supply by the American government of weapons that caused death to both Mexican and American citizens, but we hear nothing from the usual screamers. Think about the united front of outrage these supposed Latino advocates fomented over the Arizona law that would result in the possible apprehension and detention of Latino illegals. That's detention with possible is most distinctly not killing them. Yet we hear nothing from the so-called Hispanic advocacy groups when our Democrat government deliberately sets into motion a program guaranteed to kill Latinos.

We all know the cynical why. All of these Latino organizations are just like American labor unions, firmly under the control of committed leftists in the Democrat Party who really and truly don't give a damn if a few of the rank and file sacrifice their lives in furtherance of electoral victory. As someone who has spent most of his life in and around communities where people of Hispanic origins made up a significant percentage of the population, my observation is that they are physically tough, hard-working, socially-conservative people of faith. They are solid, bedrock Americans, who personify the very populace our founding fathers envisioned.

My wonderment is why they allow themselves to be perennially seduced by the tragically corrupt Democratic party.

AbrahamsKid hit the nail on the head with his comment about the silence of those so-called Latino advocacy groups. It is deafening, and we all know why.