Fast and Furious: The silence of Latino Leaders

If you don't peruse the readers' comments when reading posts here at American Thinker, you're making a mistake. I pay particular attention to the comments posted to my own pieces because they frequently contain insights on issues which I had not previously considered. Such is the case with my recent posting on Operation Fast & Furious, where a comment from AbrahamsKid put a spark in the light bulb over my head. AK noted that there is a thunderous silence emanating from the very groups one would expect to be expressing loud outrage over the role of the American federal government in the deaths of hundreds of Latinos. AK got me to wondering, just where the hell are the caustic, damning press releases, the spluttering television interviews, the editorial condemnations that we should expect when Latinos of any nationality are so brutally deprived of their most basic civil right, that of the right to live? Where are LULAC and La Raza? More to the point, where the hell is MALDEF, the...(Read Full Post)