Obama and the kids at Gleason's Gym

I teach boxing at Gleason's Gym.  A strange profession for a Ph.D. in literature and the former CEO of insurance brokerage companies.  I like it.  It roots my ankles to the canvas.  It gives me balance. Strangely enough while the poor black kids around the gym are capitalists in search of Lamborghinis and bling, the middle class white kids claim that they are socialists. They have the time to concern themselves about income redistribution because they don't have to have summer jobs. They enjoy big allowances from their dads while they denounce the system that affords them luxuries.  The poor, whom the white kids are slumming with, hate socialism.  They want to live in a competitive system.  They don't want to be on the dole any longer. They resent the welfare that the middle class people throw at them to belittle them and aggrandize themselves.  The street kids want to be the self-hating middle class without the self-hate.  Our President...(Read Full Post)