Mr. Boehner, Here's Your Jobs Bill

Obama has the upper hand in the public debate.  Boehner can get it back fast.

Although it isn't by large numbers, a recent Gallup poll shows Americans favor a jobs bill similar to the one proposed by President Obama, probably because Americans generally want something done, even if they don't know what.  Additionally, by small majorities, they have bought into Obama's call for taxing wealthy people to help pay for it.  My guess is most Americans don't really want to tax wealthier Americans, but feel the current employment crisis calls for extraordinary measures.

Obama is riding this pony as far as he can take it.  He and his cohorts in the MSM are successfully painting the GOP as stubborn obstructionists.  They dwell on Grover Norquist and his no new taxes pledge as irresponsible and uncooperative.  Of course, whether you call it stubborn or determined depends upon your point of view.  Nevertheless, the unbendable position of the GOP plays right into Obama's hands, especially because the public sees Congress (i.e., Republicans) as broken and blames Congress for gridlock more than the President.

Here's what the GOP should propose to create jobs, boost the economy, and help their public image.  (I'm amazed Boehner hasn't been proposed this yet).  Draft a single bill that will do the following:

*Repeal ObamaCare.  By all accounts, businesses would start to thaw the hiring freeze if this monster were taken out of play.  Estimate the jobs this would create.

*Repeal regulations that limit our domestic oil production and open up offshore drilling, ANWR and federal lands.  Fast track oil refineries so we can refine our oil here.  Again, estimate the jobs this would create.

*Ease regulations for the development of all energy sources, including natural gas and nuclear.  Estimate the jobs here as well.

*Ban Cap and Trade forever.  Again, estimate the jobs.

Unquestionably, these actions would start our engine running again quickly, and there is no doubt the number of jobs created is would be huge.  Millions of long-lasting, well-paying private sector jobs.  The public understands this.

The US would join the ranks of energy exporting countries, and discontinue our dependency of energy from countries that hate us.


The increased income to the private sector would stimulate consumer demand without spending taxpayer dollars, further simulating the economy.  Governmental revenues would increase as well, both from income taxes on the newly employed and the revenues from oil exportation.


If some Dems go for it, great.  If others don't, most Americans will see them as the obstructionists. 



57% of Americans strongly or somewhat favor repeal of Obamacare.

*Americans favor offshore drilling by a margin of 67% - 27%

*Drilling in Alaska's ANWR is favored 54% - 40%

*Tapping Federal shale reserves is favored by 65% - 21%.


Most individual state polls show support for natural gas "fracking."


Pile all of these into one bill and the collective approval by the American people would be huge.  The Dems would be hard-pressed to stand up and say the jobs and revenues created weren't worth it.  True, it's hard to believe Obama would go along with any of it, but the focus of obstructionist would now be on him.


If Boehner and the GOP made these proposals in a strong, bold fashion, they would have a strong case with the support of the American public. They would either get them passed, or Obama and the Dems will face another shellacking in the 2012 elections, in which case the GOP can pass them in 2013.


Forget the payroll deduction.  That's a grain of sand on the beach.  And the green energy stuff has been satisfactorily discounted to most people as wasteful and expensive.  We need to go with what will work.  And if the GOP gains favor in the meantime...good.

Pass this bill!  Pass this bill, now!  We need to pass this bill!