NY Times would prefer settlers defenseless against Palestinian attacks

In a couple of weeks, the Palestinian Authority will be at the UN seeking statehood recognition over all of Gaza, all of the West Bank and all of East Jerusalem, including Judaism's holiest shrines.   And the UN General Assembly is likely to oblige.)  It's in this context that the New York Times, in an Aug. 31 dispatch by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner, reveals the startling news that the Israeli military has been training settlers in the West Bank to defend themselves if unilateral UN recognition of Palestinian statehood triggers attacks on Jewish settlements in the West Bank -- or, as Kershner puts it in more politically correct terms --  should there occur "major disturbances." ("Israel Intensifies Training Of Settler Security Teams" page A4). Kershner is clearly upset about Israel's chutzpah in training settlers in self-defense tactics.  The military, for example, is drawing boundaries around settlements as "no-go" lines to warn potential...(Read Full Post)