Wisconsin mayor stands up to union bullies

Wisconsin continues to be the crucible of organized labor's decline as a political force. The electorate endured a takeover of their state capitol building, fleeing legislators, and recall elections, only to learn that cutting out certain collective bargaining giveaways saved so much money that teachers didn't have to be laid off in various school districts. The state's manufacturing employment has surged in the wake of Wisconsin's limits on union greed.

The union bosses just can't accept the lesson that the public increasingly sees them as self-interested political manipulators, rent-seekers. So the unions in Wausau stupidly decided to decree that Republicans would be banned from the upcoming Labor Day parade there.  Tom Blumer of Newsbusters reports on what has followed. One small problem: the town pays for part of the parade,

the annual cost of the parade, including insurance, setting up and taking down a stage, and police personnel, runs anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 each year.

Mayor Jim Tipple is standing up to the unions and telling them, no Republicans, no parade. Read all about the standoff here.

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