Israel blocks flotilla, 'fly-in'' agitprop plans

Go back a week and recall how the media, including Israel's, were full of dire forecasts of an upcoming international flotilla with more than a dozen ships and hundreds of agitators set to sail toward Gaza and breach Israel's blockade of the Hamas-ruleld territory. This was going to be a big armada challenging Israel's ability to keep weapons from reaching Hamas by sea. The world was about to witness the mother of all flotillas.It never happened. With Cyprus, Greece and Turkey barring Gaza-bound ships from leaving their ports, the flotilla got stuck before it could even sail toward Gaza.Well, if not by sea, how about by air? The global club of anti-Israel agitators figured that, with the flotilla fizzing out, it could embarrass Israel by flying in hundreds of activists to Ben-Gurion Airport and use that as its base for some anti-Israel political theater and a waystation to hook up with Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza.It never happened. Israel -- with superior intelligence...(Read Full Post)