The Audacity of Dopes love 'Guns, Guns, Guns!'

After Israel disarmed the fascist flotilla folk last year in a violent confrontation, Caroline Glick and friends cleverly explained the truth of the "peace activists" terrorist enablers, terrorist lovers in a biting satirical online performance, "We Con the World." Parodying the 1993 "We Are The World," Michael Jackson's and Lionel Ritchie's 1993 ode to peace and brotherhood, Glick succinctly captured the basic bigotry of the faux sailors.

And now another failed flotilla, bloodless this time thank goodness, brings forth another on target satire. So enjoy The Audacity of Dopes Band tunefully presenting

Guns, Guns, Guns!, for the true story of the seasick boaters.

The Beach Boys' Fun, Fun, Fun! never had it so good.