Wikileaks: New Zealand sells out Israel for lamb?

The Guardian has this from Wikileaks on New Zealand and Israel: US diplomats disparaged New Zealand's reaction to a suspected Israeli spy ring as a "flap" and accused New Zealand's government of grandstanding in order to sell more lamb to Arab countries, according to leaked cables.I've never been to New Zealand. I do not know much about the country and if you ask me to name somebody I could think of from NZ, Edmund Hillary comes to mind, Jane Campion and The Piano and I think Rutherford, the discover of radioactivity, was from New Zealand. That is the extent I know about the country. And of course, the Anzacs at Gallipoli and the charge of the light horsemen in 1917, near Beer Sheva. Sheep, Maori nose rubbing, but that is about all I know of the country. Now when I hear that they had imprisoned two Israelis in order to sell lamb to the Arabs my esteem for them goes down by a few notches. Doesn't New Zealand have any self respect? Here we are fighting in the forefront...(Read Full Post)