Lisa Murkowski: The new 'Arlen Specter' of the GOP

Lisa Murkowski.  It's difficult to type her name without grinding my teeth.  For those who reveled in the defeat of Mike Castle (R-DE) and understood why it's better for conservatism - and for Liberty - to lose a general election than to sanction a RINO, Murkowski is now the Queen of Bad Votes.  Not a Republican insofar as her "yeas" and "nays" differentiate her from Democrats, she is, by consensus, the new Arlen Specter.  In fact, in this pseudo-constitutional "duck," she's voted like a woman with the initials N.P.

-The sell-out tax deal-*YES

-The Food Safety Modernization Act-YES


-Don't Ask, Don't Tell-YES

-The START Treaty-YES

Incredibly, eighteen Democrat senators broke with their party on one of these issues.   That she's allowed to remain in the party, that leadership - the McConnells and Cornyns -  embrace her, speaks volumes: the Senate GOP does not want less government.  Murkowski is not only a Democrat, she's a liberal Democrat, and in keeping with her assault on the brand, wants the GOP to "get moving" on energy. 

That's right.  Federal mandates which require utilities to "supply escalating amounts of power from subsidized sources" is sound policy to the lady from Alaska, which stands to lose big from "clean green" initiatives.

"A clean energy standard for electric utilities could gain traction among Republicans in the next Congress," Murkowski told reporters last Saturday.  "I think there is a level of flexibility that allows you to achieve the goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions but gives you the ability to determine what it is you are going to do and how you are going to do it."

Is there a dentist out there?  I'm losing enamel!  The idea that federally forced "standards" offer "flexibility" is absurd, but Murkowski insists on spinning talking-points from Kyoto.  Like Scott Brown, Dick Lugar and Susan Collins, Murkowski is a tumor within the GOP.  

The good news is that cancer is curable.  But only if one avoids the late stage.

*Note: Nancy Pelosi opposed the tax deal, which does nothing to mitigate the foolishness of voting "yea." 

Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots, and hosts Freedom Warrior Radio on Blog Talk Radio.