British Muslims: Christmas is evil

Just in time for Christmas, as a Christmas present to the people of England, some British Muslims have plastered fliers around the country announcing Christmas is evil. Parodying the Twelve Days of Christmas, the not so merry red and black ads sing

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an STD

'On the 2nd day debt, on the 3rd rape, the 4th teenage pregnancies and then there was abortion, raves, claiming god has a son, blasphemy, exploitation, promiscuity, night clubs, crime, paedophilia, paganism, domestic violence, homelessness, violence, vandalism, alcohol, drugs...
In contrast, the fliers proclaim

In Islam we are protected from all of these evils. We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.


The Muslim organizer of this ad campaign unapologetically stated

'Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it.

'But our main attack is on the fruits of Christmas, things like alcohol abuse and promiscuity that increase during Christmas and all the other evils these lead to such as abortion, domestic violence and crime.

But there is a way out! Of course!

'We hope that out campaign will make people realise that Islam is the only way to avoid this and convert.'

And if you don't...

Like their hate filled counterparts of the Seattle anti Israel bus ads, organizers will self righteously invoke freedom of speech to justify these sentiments.

Meanwhile in Iraq, where the remaining Christians are still terrified after more than 50 were slaughtered in a church a few months ago, holiday festivities have been canceled.

Yes, canceled. There will be no church services, no holiday decorations.

Freedom of speech, of religion doesn't exist in Muslim countries.

But we must learn to be tolerant of the intolerant.You know the drill: Diversity, pluralism and multi culturalism and all that.