The scripted presidency

Writing in the Washington Post, David Ignatius portrays the Obama White House in a way not often seen in major media. Basically, we have someone as president who hates spontaneity, doesn't like surprises, and seems disengaged on some of the major issues facing the country.It isn't just the teleprompter issue, although Ignatius points out that Obama does indeed lean heavily on pre-packaged responses to questions. Rather it is the sense that the president refuses to get into the muck and jumble of politics in order to impose his will.What accounts for this failing? Obama talked during the 2008 campaign about how he wanted to break from the politics of division. But 18 months on, I begin to wonder if it's politics itself that he doesn't like -- the messy process of wheeling and dealing, of making lowdown compromises for high-minded goals.A memorable Obama moment came when he was a young senator listening to a consummate politician, Joe Biden, ramble on as chairman of the Senate Foreign...(Read Full Post)