Taliban claims to have captured 2 US servicemen

At the very least, two of our guys have gone missing after leaving their base in Kabul on Friday.

Reuters reports:

"Two International Security Assistance Force service members departed their compound in Kabul City in a vehicle on Friday afternoon and did not return," ISAF said in a brief statement.

"The unit dispatched vehicles and rotary-winged assets to search for them and their vehicle, and the search is ongoing."

A Taliban spokesman told Reuters that insurgent commanders had reported the pair was being held and that a third servicemen had been killed. The ISAF statement did not mention a third service member.

Local radio in Logar, a short but dangerous drive to the south, broadcast appeals from ISAF commanders for information about the two and offering a $20,000 reward.

One other serviceman - National Guardsman Bowe Bergdah - was captured last year but it is not clear whether he was a deserter or a POW. Bergdah has made several videos denouncing the war.

The apparent capture of US military personnel comes on the heels of a roadside bomb attack yesterday that killed 5 Americans. It is evident that things are starting to heat up in Afghanistan as the increased number of troops carry out operations aimed at regaining control of territory from the Taliban.