Kerry dodges $500,000 in taxes on his new boat

Senator Scott Brown, the Republican junior senator from Massachusetts, was one of three Republican votes  that gave the Democrats passage this week of what is likely to be a disastrous financial reform bill, at least for US small businesses, entrepreneurs, and those of us who enjoy a modicum of privacy from big government in our checking account and credit card transactions.

Before agreeing to cast one of the deciding votes, Senator Brown is reported to have consulted with former presidential candidate and tax and spend senior Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry about the benefits of the bill .

Perhaps the next time Senator Brown discusses finances and legislation with Senator Kerry, he will also ask how avoiding payment of the $500k Massachusetts sales tax on Kerry's new yacht  by mooring it in neighboring Rhode Island can be good for the cash-strapped Commonwealth of Massachusetts where Kerry and wife, Theresa Heinz maintain a summer home on Nantucket?