Pelosi proud to place healthcare reform beside two failed government programs

For an analogy to be worthwhile it must achieve the desired result. For example, one might illustrate a poor decision by comparing it to benching Payton Manning in favor of a rookie quarterback. Conversely, no one wanting to praise a military campaign will say it was as successful as Hitler's siege of Stalingrad. Such a short lesson in analogies. Yet for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi it is a lesson unlearned. During the pro-healthcare speech she delivered just prior to the House vote she made a terrible analogy. Madame Speaker said, "We will be joining those who established Social Security, Medicare and now, tonight, healthcare for all Americans. Pelosi's comparison was wholly illogical. Why would a supporter of the healthcare legislation compare the bill to two bankrupt behemoths? That's like bragging on your team's chances to win the 2010 World Series by comparing them to the Chicago Cubs. To promote the healthcare bill Pelosi should've compared it to something, anything,...(Read Full Post)