World's investors vote down Obamacare

It doesn't take long to find out the truth about a bill written by lobbyists and bureaucrats in the backrooms of the Capital.  Simply look to the world-wide financial markets.

Since the passage and signing of the Heath Care Reform Act the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasury has shown a dramatic increase.  On Tuesday the yield was 3.65% by Thursday 3.92%.  An increase of that magnitude is very unusual in such a short time.

The much higher than forecast yield sparked an overall selling of U.S. Treasuries.  This will also have an impact of future auctions by the Treasury Department.  Per the Financial Times of London:  

"The environment for debt auctions has turned negative" says Rick Klingman, managing director at BNP Parabis. "Long-term rates are rising and it is no coincidence that this has occurred after the passage of healthcare reform and the end of Fed buy-backs"

It is projected that by this summer yields on the 10 year U.S. Treasury will reach 4.5% as investors pull their money from bond funds out of fear of the debt load being incurred by the United States.

The United States Treasury at future auctions will have no choice but to pay these higher interest rates in order to sell its bond issues.  The potential 23% rise in the 10 year yield will have a devastating impact on the interest expenditures and is a harbinger of what is to come.

If this Bill was in fact what President Obama and the Democrats sold it to be, the market reaction would have not been so negative.  Their headlong obsession to pass this Bill that they did not read or understand will result in the Heath Care Reform Act being the Mt. Everest of unintended consequences.