Is the tea party movement being hoodwinked by the establishment?

The one thing I take away from today's rally in Searchlight Nevada, is that the tea party is without question coalescing, and fiercely I might add, around a single Presidential candidate for 2012. . .Already.

It's early in the game yet, and the whole idea behind the Tea Party movement was to objectively review all of our potential choices, so we would never be led down the path again. At least that's what I thought.

After today, I'll never again look at the Tea Party movement as one made up of Constitutional Conservatives. They may be Conservative, but sadly, not my brand of Conservatism.

Independent thinkers? I think not. Group thinkers? Indeed.

After a rip-roaring reception for the Keynote Speaker, I was sadly disillusioned at the lack of criticism toward the former Alaska Governor and Republican Party "Cover Girl," Sarah Palin.

Wasn't it just yesterday, she was in Arizona campaigning for the former "Maverick" suddenly turned rock-ribbed conservative "reach-across-the-isle" moderate "RINO" John McCain of McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy fame? And who also voted for Amnesty for illegal aliens? That gang of 14 John McCain?

The same John McCain who tenderly re-assured us during the 2008 campaign: "Barack Obama is a good man...If he's elected President you don't have anything to worry about." That John McCain?

Yes, indeed Sarah Palin is supporting that same John McCain who sided with Bill Clinton against the Republicans and voted for the tobacco tax in the 90's that led to trial lawyers raking in millions at the expense of Americans.

The same John McCain who voted in favor of campaign finance reform, and FDA regulation of vitamin supplements, the Patriot Act, and more.

Sarah Palin spent Friday campaigning for John McCain against the true conservative and former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth who has a true conservative record, and is campaigning on true constitutional values.

Nothing conservative about that.

Then she spent Saturday spouting conservative talking points like some kind of right wing warrior with Tea Partyers screaming like 12 year old girls at a Jonas Brothers concert.

Nothing especially objective about that, or conservative as far as I'm concerned.

I realized long ago that you can't listen to what politicians say, you have to watch what they do, and Sarah Palin's actions do not match her words.

I never thought the Tea Party crowd could be so easily manipulated by the main-stream establishment machine. I only wish they would stick to true conservative values and consider the other candidates before they hitch their wagons to the apron strings of pretty ms. Palin.

As I made my way through the crowd voicing my dis-approval of their irrational and exuberant support for Sarah Palin, I was yelled at and ridiculed by Tea Party attendees. I was subjected to near violence in one instance. I was told to "Get the hell out of here." and "You don't belong here boy." "Go back to Obama where you belong you commie." and other select less than flattering remarks about my looks and my political beliefs, and my sexual preferences.

Striking behavior when you consider we are all conservative adults. The thought that was going through my head was: "Obama Zombies" only worse..."Palin Zombies!" It was the exact same group-think mentality with absolutey zero tolerance for my opinion. I was actually told that "I am the reason this country is so screwed up, and if I knew what was good for me I'd get the hell out of here..."

I realized I was dealing with a group-think mentality who had already drunk the Koolaid. There was no reasoning with them. Apparently, Conservatives are so desperate for leadership, they'll line up behind the first pied-piper who comes along, regardless the consequences to the country. Sound at all familiar? The same machine that was behind the election of obama is hard at work drilling the brains of the Tea Partyers. Maybe not the exact same people, just the exact same political establishment machine...

What did I take away from today's Tea Party rally in Searchlight?

There's another "Hoodwink" coming in 2012 and it scares the hell out of me.

Brian K. Shoemake
Pahrump, NV