Who is it that believes in science, Dr. Dean?

In yet another demonstration of their inherent hypocrisy, the media and Democrats (forgive the repetition), are bemoaning the fact that Mother nature seems to be colluding with us Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptics by providing us with record-breaking cold temperatures and unprecedented snowfalls around the world, with which we are gleefully poking holes in their snide contention that, "The science of global warming is settled." What really has the fruitcakes' Fruit of the Looms twisted is the very idea of skeptics using weather events to support our denials. The very same folks who were happy to use Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami as hard evidence of man-made, global warming are now attempting to ridicule us for poking holes in their fantasies by pointing out the weather evidence is pointing to global cooling rather than vice versa. Even more on point is the fact that liberals are on record claiming that lack of snowfall was attributable to global...(Read Full Post)