PA State GOP ignores tea partiers and endorses candidates as always

The old guard establishment of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee has shown constituents this weekend that they no longer represent the voice of "we the people."  Pennsylvanians have been asking for an open primary, but in a unilateral decision Chairman Rob Gleason and the GOP made it clear this would not be the case.   Protesters standing outside of the GOP meeting asking for an open primary were summarily dismissed as the GOP formally endorsed candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and the senate.  

This, unfortunately, is not new to Pennsylvania.  But one would think they would have learned their lesson in 2004 after they disregarded the will of the people and anointed Senator Arlen Specter as the GOP candidate over a popular Pat Toomey.  It is truly ironic the Party thinks they know what is best for our state when they made the most profound error in Pennsylvania's Republican history by endorsing a progressive who was originally a Democrat.  The Pennsylvania State GOP single handedly gave President Obama the 60th vote he needed to attempt to ram healthcare through this past year.

Arguably citizens do vote for these "representatives"; but I have yet to remember a time when the GOP ever asked me who I support, let alone any of my neighbors.  It is clear there is an agenda within the ranks of the Party to tap the shoulder of the next in line to run.  I question when the Party chose to deviate from representing their constituents to instead representing their own self-interests.  So quickly they forget that there are indeed other candidates running for the same position who may be better suited.

We the people are no longer accepting the status quo.  As I told Senator Specter at a town hall this summer, "You have awakened the sleeping giant. We are tired of this."  My statement goes for the State GOP Committee as well.  Their ignorance of the movement that is occurring within the country today should be a wake up call to everyone.  We the people will not go back into a political slumber much to the dismay of GOP leadership.  I suggest they open their eyes and see the writing on the wall.  It is as clear as day.  But let me be clear... we are about to shake things up.

Katy Abram is the Arlen Specter town hall attendee who told him he has "awakened a sleeping giant."  She can be followed at twitter/
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