Handcuffs and history

How the wacky professor has denigrated a shrine to African-American achievement:

Henry Louis Gates, the Harvard professor who was at the center of Barack Obama's botched attempt at showing the world that he is the first "post-racial" president, recently donated the handcuffs used in that scurrilous incident to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture at the Smithsonian. 

How very generous of you Dr. Gates.  You have now secured for posterity a stark reminder of how far off the mark the liberal left actually is on their notion of racial justice in America.  Instead of an "opportunity to come together" for the purpose of "healing and unity," Obama's racial summit cum rose garden beer blast only served to lay bare this president's abject moral turpitude. This might just be the most blatant example of how this administration and its’ allies purposely foment racial tension as a means of advancing their divisive agenda (although AG Holder’s slanderous “The U.S. is a nation of cowards” is a close second.)

What should be a dignified tribute to the contributions and accomplishments of Black Americans for the greater good of this nation, has now been co-opted by those trying to promote a deleterious vision of America's supposed racial discord.
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