Abbas lighting fuse for third intifada

The "moderate" Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has started to take a page from the playbook of his old partner, Yasir Arafat, and is moving away from diplomacy to violence to achieve his objectives.  He is lighting the fuse for a third intifada.It all began on Sept. 27 -- the eve of Yom Kippur when Arab rioters threw stones at French tourists on Temple Mount.  Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall also became targets.Abbas's Palestinian Authority, instead of helping to restore order, hailed the rioters as defenders of a holy Muslim site -- Al Aqsa atop the mount.  It also engaged in incitement to further violence by falsely claiming that the French tourists were "extremist settlers" bent on conquering Temple Mount, which is under the administrative control of the Arab Wafq.The ripple effects were immediate throughout the Muslim world.  Jordan, which destroyed age-old synagogues when it controlled the Old City and banned Jews from praying at the...(Read Full Post)