Jesse Jackson knows why Chicago didn't get the Olympics

Disappointed that he won't be able to extort millions from Chicago area businesses, labor leaders and government flunkies in exchange for a riot free, on time Olympics, Chicago's very own Reverend Jesse Jackson agrees with NRO's Rich Lowry as he lashes out
at the one who really, really turned off the esteemed International Olympic Committee.

As reported  by AP, Jackson "believes that the Bush administration had poor relations with the IOC and remnants of that era remain."

Personally, I think the IOC awarded the 2016 Olympics to Rio in Brazil because, among other factors, they finally agreed it was time to put the International back into the Olympics, it was time to give it to a South American country. It wasn't so much negativity against Chicago--and the U.S.--although it exists, but a desperate attempt to make people care about the Olympics which have suffered from declining ratings and increased scandals (some athletes used performance enhancing steroids). And Brazil presented a good plan with enthusiastic backing.

And Jesse--Brazil has many African-Brazilians who will benefit from the Olympics. You do care about them too, don't you? Ask Pele.