The revolt of the mules

Speaking of ivory tower academics, this article by Victor Davis Hanson is an excellent summary of the problem we face as a nation increasingly divided between a political class of officials and courtiers those who manipulate images or move pixels and the country bumpkins who actually dirty their hands creating concrete objects people have to have to survive.Obama has surrounded himself with legions of ‘fixers.' Bright men and women who have Ivy League law degrees, business school credentials, PhDs in the social sciences, and academic pedigrees in science, humanities, and engineering. Quite impressive, these Platonic Guardians of the soon to be perfect state. But most of their careers in finance, government, business, and academia have been well-paid jobs critiquing, administering, regulating, nuancing, writing about, and hectoring those who create things-builders, developers, industrialists, farmers, truckers, transportation execs,...(Read Full Post)