Limiting the real greenhouse gas

With respect - in response to Mr. James Lewis Let's cap and trade oxygen! ===================================
July 06, 2009 Dear Mr. Lewis:

Regarding your idea to breath a little less, to reduce CO2 emissions. I was with you for just a moment there. I even held my breath for as long as I could, with the idea of doing my part to the fullest extreme. But then, just as my skin was turning blue and the spots began to pop before my eyes, I suddenly realized that you had it all wrong. Gasping for breath I collapsed in front of my computer to write you this note.

Sir, it is not CO2 or O2 that we must cut back on. But H2O! — Yes, water. 

In reading scientific journals I have found, much to my shock and surprise, that H2O is the leading green house gas. It is water vapor that actually keeps BY FAR more infrared radiation from the Sun, in, therefor keeping more heat in, than any other gas. I was agas, (no pun intended) as I read this.

And just look how much of it is up there! Have you been outside lately? Look up! There are massive clouds of the stuff just floating around up there. Every so often some of these clouds get so heavy with water vapor they start to leak, dumping that dangerous green house gas all over the ground. Have you seen a paved road or parking lot after such an event? Steam rises! That means the green house gas is rising. And the hotter the Earth gets the more such evaporation from pavement will occur. Such "storms," as they are called, also develop other dangerous anomalies like lighting strikes, with is a major cause of forest fires. Then there are such horrible evens as tornadoes and hurricanes, all because of rising water vapors. 

Is man the cause of this? We must be! According to my own research I see that the number of backyard swimming pools in the United States has grown exponentially since the early 1900's. More so than any other nation on Earth! In the past 30 years more have been built than any time in history. How many reservoir and damns have we built? Many were constructed during the great depression, and the temperature of the Earth has been rising ever since, And here we are just swimming and boating in them as the plant dies around us. Just imagine how much water vapor that is adding to the atmosphere! Then here we are watering our lawns, gardens, and countless farmers watering crops. Just SPEWING the stuff into the air.

Upon further research I found that the planets oceans are not only a major cause of water vapor, but of CO2 emissions. YES, that is correct. More CO2 comes from the oceans of the planet, as well as H2O than anywhere else on the planet. And just what are we doing about it? NOTHING!

Sir, the only way I can see to solve these problems is to put a cap on water (no pun intended). We must have less of it.

We must break down our hydro electric dams and go back to coal burning plants. Sure it's going back to CO2, but as we see, H2O is far more dangerous. While I know what our communities need water, it is far more important to ban reservoirs, for the sake of the planet. No more watering lawns, gardens, or farmers fields. Then, we must fill in all backyard swimming pools. To stay cool in the summer children will just have to stay inside, in front of the air conditioners that run off of the coal burning plants. And for THE LOVE OF GOD we must not allow the advancement of hydrogen energy sources, like the hydrogen=2 0car, and other such things, because they produce water vapor as a byproduct. 

I believe, as one believes in a religion, that we have only ten years to get the above mention done, or we will certainly see the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Yours respectfully, 
Glenn Woods
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