Choosing Che in Honduras

Liberals in the media have been trying over the past few days to nuance the Honduran situation.  For example, over at the Washinton Post Edward Schumacher-Matos grudgingly extends support for those who ousted the Chavez-clone Manuel Zelaya but at the end of his essay he simply can't shake the liberal nuance bug:

"President Obama was correct in calling Zelaya's ouster illegal, while Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declined to call the action a coup -- in hopes of bringing Zelaya back into government but with wings clipped. In this instance, the U.S. government played the morally right hand."

A recent LA Times photograph in Honduras however might help the left to overcome their nuance disease.  Note the young man below in the red t-shirt and ball cap.  After several days listening to the U.N., the White House, and the liberal press one would think the young Honduran would be sporting portraits of Thomas Jefferson rather than Che Guevara. 

The current unrest in Honduras is nothing other than a Hugo Chavez and Manuel Zelaya sponsored Leninist uprising.  In other words, it's an uprising pitting unions, peasants, university students and intellectuals against the Honduran middle class.  The first nation to come to the defense, both economically and militarily, of those Hondurans seeking to protect their constitution will be the next leader of the free world.  For that you can thank Barack Obama.