Honduras, the Last Bastion of Democracy

It should be no surprise that Barack Obama, sides with Chavez and Castro against tiny Honduras.

Many other Latin-American countries have been manipulated, pressured and subverted by
the OAS, the Leftist press, and two-faced American diplomats into allowing communists to take over, with disastrous consequences for their people and the region.

Honduras had the foresight and singular courage to get rid of Zelaya and his thugs before they had time to become irretrievably entrenched. It was a wise move,
and entirely legal - not a coup.

I have heard from American military personnel serving in Venezuela about friends in the Venezuelan military that have simply disappeared. Chavez is quietly murdering regime opponents while he nationalizes businesses and consolidates power. Similar things are happening in Bolivia and doubtless in Equador.

But this is no surprise. It is doctrine for communist leaders to murder their opponents as soon as is practicable. Only then can they engage in the kind of unchallenged power grabs we have seen for example, in Venezuela.

Surprisingly though, there are no Washington Post expose's, no breathless reporting from Anderson Cooper's 360, no interviews with regime victims on Larry King Live. Somehow all those storied "investigative journalists" in the U.S. media keep missing the scoops. Instead, they lambast Honduras for resorting to what can only be described as a last-ditch effort at survival.

And our hapless "President" who last week wouldn't touch Iran's brutal oppression, suddenly finds the voice to demand "Justice" for Honduras's thug, Zelaya?

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has posted
a great article on the AIM website describing how Hondurans feel about their betrayal by America. A worthwhile read.

In the meantime, this might be the time to call and/or write your Senator/Congressman and ask them to defy our anti-American President and his Leftist press lapdogs by showing support for this Democratic ally that is trying to save itself from the despots.

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