‘The sky is falling!’

Fear is a great motivator.  The behavior of leftists indicates that, to a great extent, they’re motivated by personal threat to their well-being.  They visualize a social construct of threateners (the oppressors), and threatened (the oppressed).

Leftists are preoccupied with threats.  Existential threats abound.  Global warming will destroy the planet.  The response to Covid must include lockdowns, school closures, masking, and triple vaccination.  Disinformation, voter suppression, and “right-wing extremists” constitute a threat to democracy or a Constitutional crisis.  Parents objecting to Gender Queer in schools are domestic terrorists.  Campus life harbors a rape culture.  Triggers, microaggressions, and hate speech incite fears of rejection, anxiety, and depression in the indoctrinated young.  Women will die if Roe is overturned.  Trump will resurrect Jim Crow.  The MSM blares these threats on a loop.

Fear elicits a flight or fight reaction.  Safe spaces are sought.  Lured by big city ethnic diversity, urban leftists nonetheless shelter in high rises with security cameras, security guards, and security elevators.  They opt out of taking a summer stroll through the ghetto to chat with the folks on their door stoops.  Stay away from MSG, lactose, GMO foods.  Young, white, affluent urbanites (leftists?) fled to the boondocks… but not too far from a Whole Foods.  If flight isn’t an option, fight by canceling speech that threatens you.  Fire those non-compliant with DIE initiatives.  Manipulate thought through wordsmithing.  Gender and race are social constructs.  Incite riots to advance your agenda.

The flight or fight reaction is manifest even as a reaction to outcomes of their own policies.  If wind farms, essential to renewable energy goals, threaten your backyard, fight them off.  If amnesty seeking illegals appear at your front door, send them on their way.  If things get too dicey in your Democrat-run urban Utopia, head out for a red state.

Everyone of course wants to feel safe; at issue is how one deals with threat.  Conservatives feel that threats will always exist and are best dealt with by adapting one’s individual behavior.  Threatened by gun violence?  Own a gun to protect yourself.  Liberals feel that threats need to be eliminated through social change by molding everyone else’s behavior.  Threatened by gun violence?  Take away everyone’s gun.

While the flight or fight reaction might provide temporary shelter from threatening circumstances, sustained security can be provided only through control of the social and cultural environs.  This is best achieved through the powers of the state.

At the heart of progressive leftist ideology is the concept that personal success, freedoms, and safety are up to society to ensure.  “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”  Such a society is best achieved through the creation of cradle-to-grave support and enablement by the state.  Obama’s “Life of Julia”.

That the state can ultimately mold and direct culture is rooted in the belief that behavior is influenced primarily or even exclusively by environmental exposure and not by any genetic factors or by any “human nature.”  At birth, leftism maintains that the mind is a “tabula rasa,” or blank slate; behavioral reactions can be molded simply by molding the environment.  A progressive Democrat state can manipulate the social environs, and thus behavior, through the imposition of policy, regulations, and laws, neutralizing environmental threats.

This cannot be accomplished overnight.  Existing threats can only be suppressed through such interim policies as cancel culture, DIE, and weaponization of the federal bureaucracy.  The key lies in youth indoctrination.

The resultant social structure, rid of oppressive, threatening behavior, will provide leftists with the safe haven they seek.  The overt goal of leftist activists is to achieve social justice for the oppressed.  Their covert goal is to create a threat free environment for themselves.

When the acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head, she ran hysterically around the farmyard, shouting, “The sky is falling!”, sending the resident fauna into panic and chaos.  The wiley fox—an opportunist not about to let a crisis go to waste—seized upon the moment to coax the threatened into his lair for safety, where he proceeded to eat them.  Chicken Little represents today’s leftist alarmists and activists; the fox represents the cultural Marxist insurgents, the left-wing power brokers offering their protection, solace, and safety from the existing threatening cultural environment.  And when the dust settles, the deceived fauna will dejectedly remain in their elusive quest for safety under the subjugation of their devious saviors.

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