Hamas: Pigs at the trough who ate all the food

Are the terrorists who attacked Israel 'Hamas' or are they just 'ham' for short?

We all know what they looked like when they surrendered to Israel's military-fit, battle-tested troops.







The only thing they look like they train for is a Coney Island hot-dog eating contest.

So many beer guts in those lineups.

But amusing as it is to mock these anything-but-macho men who attack old people, women and children for their physiques, it does tell a bad story about how they live and what they do.

See these videos from Twitter -- a horrific propensity to rob aid caravans from their own women and children and eat all the food.





(Recall the irony of Hamas having a cow over Israel accidentally shelling a Christian church in Gaza, which they took responsibility for. These creeps turn around and starve the Christians.)



Gentlemen they are not.

But now we know why they look the way they look in their surrender-skivvies.

They feed themselves first, and if children and women in Gaza go without, they don't care, they blame Israel.

Must be fun to live a pig's lifestyle and be able to blame the Israelis, or more specifically, the Jews, for the hoggish mess they make.

I've always been struck by how unmanly this Hamas bunch is, targeting the helpless in their war on Israel instead of the soldiers, allowing themselves to get grossly out of shape, failing to wear uniforms, and now eating all the food.

What kind of sorry excuse for "men" are these?

If this isn't reason to hold them up to public scorn for their gross appetites and absent noble spirit of any kind, what is?

Oink, oink, oink.

Image: Pexels / public domain

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