Biden’s new rule against methane becomes ‘final’

It’s not really an exaggeration (if at all) to say that every single day we hear from Hillary Clinton, Liz Cheney, Joe Scarborough, the media, and others about how dangerous President Trump is—ad nauseam they declare how “like Hitler” he is.

And, it seems every single day, Joe Biden issues some new executive order or regulation assaulting our freedoms and our prosperity. He knows he can’t get his radical agenda through Congress so he just goes around them. He violates his oath of office by not only refusing to enforce immigration laws that Congress passed, but sabotaging our sovereignty too.It is a pure abuse of power, and yet most of the media just cheers.

Now John Kerry is over with the ultra-wealthy globalists and power-hungry politicians at another “climate change” gabfest, in a country made rich by oil, where they falsely promise arrogantly that they can control the climate.

They fly in private jets and stay in five star hotels while they lecture the poor and middle classes over the desperate need to change behaviors to prevent apocalyptic disaster. The burden falls on the little people to destroy their quality of life, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Now, Joe Biden is dictatorially issuing another rule to handicap the coal, oil, and gas industries. He clearly doesn’t care about costs or the loss of tens of millions of jobs directly or indirectly related to those industries. The costs of these green policies are already destroying Americans purchasing power but a power hungry politician like Joe clearly doesn’t care. Reported by Newsmax:

Biden Rule Aims to Cut Methane Emissions, Targets US Oil and Gas Industry

The Biden administration on Saturday issued a final rule aimed at reducing methane emissions, targeting the U.S. oil and natural gas industry for its role in global warming as President Joe Biden seeks to advance his climate legacy.

The Environmental Protection Agency said the new rule will sharply reduce methane and other harmful air pollutants generated by the oil and gas industry, promote use of cutting-edge methane detection technologies and deliver significant public health benefits in the form of reduced hospital visits, lost school days and even deaths. Air pollution from oil and gas operations can cause cancer, harm the nervous and respiratory systems and contribute to birth defects.

The green pushers claim that if we stop using oil, coal, and gas, the “expected” rise in temperature will not occur, and lives will be saved. What they won’t show you is a direct link between coal and oil use, and temperatures, because there is no scientific evidence to show that. Temperatures have fluctuated the last 150 years as consumption of these natural resources has skyrocketed.

What you also don’t see are actual numbers of deaths or illnesses related to our use of natural resources. My intelligent guess is it is a very low percentage of deaths each year. I bet they would have trouble coming up with deaths from rising CO2.

They claim to be concerned about lost school days. This must be a joke coming from the people who intentionally kept schools closed at the behest of their major political contributors. That policy caused tremendous damage to kids, including depression and increased suicides. Maybe they should focus on that instead of people using gas appliances and gas-powered cars.

Here is a scientific fact: “Over the past 160 years, life expectancy (from birth) in the United States has risen from 39.4 years in 1860, to 78.9 years in 2020.”

So, while our use of natural resources increased, so did our life expectancies? It is sad that the media and other Democrats, who claim they are the party of science, don’t care about that.

Biden and Obama, those who warn about the danger of Trump politicizing the government, also use(d) the Justice Department to target their political opponents.

Trump tried to reduce regulations and taxes, while transferring as much power and freedom back to the people as fast as he could, despite being blocked every step of the way by Democrats and the media; that is the opposite of what dictators do.

Biden is trying to transfer power, money, and freedom away from the people, and uses the Attorney General and federal agents as hired brawn. Those are the actions a dictator would do.

Most of the media are just trying to scare the public about Trump to change the subject because Biden’s policies are so destructive and so unpopular.

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