Joe Biden supporters had an especially paranoid couple of days

It’s amazing that this man was once a congressman, because he clearly has zero understanding of both political philosophies and the American political system—for the umpteenth time, fascism is a leftist ideology and America was never supposed to be a democracy—and on a recently-broadcast televised MSNBC segment, Joe Scarborough issued an ominous warning: if President Trump secures a second term, he will “imprison” and “execute” any and all political opponents that he can.

Projection much? Who’s really been imprisoning and executing political opponents? Does the name Ashli Babbitt ring a bell? What about Craig Robertson? Owen Shroyer? Or how about the J6ers? Or, is this a signal of guilt? Has he done something criminal and he’s starting to sweat? Talk about paranoia!

But it wasn’t just Scarborough because Scary Larry, a prominent Twitter Democrat, announced that another Trump presidency meant an official Brownshirt squad, and Trump already had his gang ready to go:

The footage comes from President Trump’s weekend visit to Edinburg, Texas where he served a Thanksgiving meal to members of the Texas National Guard and the Department of Public Safety supporting Operation Lone Star, which is the state’s effort to stem the tide of illegal aliens and obstruct the human-trafficking and gun-running enterprises of the cartels.

Scary Larry, like his comrade Scarborough, has no idea what he’s talking about—what a coincidence that politically illiterate people with a superiority complex jump into politics and support the left.

The Brownshirts were officially known as the Sturmabteilung, and it was a paramilitary group of, if you will, activists, who were used to beat political opponents into submission, by whatever means necessary. Again, coincidentally, many of these Brownshirts were homosexual, or in modernspeak, on the “queer” spectrum. (I doubt these hints would strike any chords were a leftist like Scary Larry to read this.)

Clearly, service members supporting an operation to uphold immigration law and frustrate the selling of children, drugs, and guns, by criminal syndicates doesn’t fit the above facts, so does that mean Scary Larry actually labeled these law enforcement agents “Brownshirts” just because they like Trump and are wearing brown shirts?

Sure seems like it.

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