Susan Sarandon’s noxious antisemitism and, finally, a little pushback

Susan Sarandon has long been one of Hollywood’s most outspoken leftists. For decades, there hasn’t been a leftist cause that the actress hasn’t loudly embraced. That’s why it’s no surprise that she’s come out strongly in favor of antisemitic attacks on Jews, for that is a hardcore leftist principle, starting with Marx, Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin. Hollywood, however, which has a lot of Jewish people who are getting nervous, has pushed back. Thankfully, at least one Muslim woman has gloriously talked about the freedom Muslims experience in America.

Lately, because of massive amounts of misinformation, I always feel I need to begin my essays about what’s happening in Israel and America with a few facts:

  • According to the Bible, for around 3,800 years, Jews have lived continuously in the land on which the modern-day state of Israel sits. According to archaeology, there’s been a Jewish presence on that land since at least 1,200 BC.
  • Despite the centuries of Muslim conquest, actual Arabs didn’t figure largely in the land’s history. They eventually drifted into the swampy, disease-infested backwater when it was under Ottoman control, beginning in the 1830s. When Zionist Jews arrived, they purchased the land from its owners.
  • Beginning in the 1920s, when British bureaucrats began to sow the seeds of discord between Arabs (who had been grateful for Jewish agriculture, medicine, and education) and the Jews, surrounding Muslim nations began expelling Jewish communities that had existed for as long as 3,000 years. Eventually, almost 900,000 Jews were displaced, all of whom were welcomed in Israel. There are no Jews remaining in most Muslim countries.
  • The residents of the areas currently identified as Gaza and the West Bank call themselves “Palestinians,” which is a misnomer. Up until 1967, “Palestinians” referred to the Jewish residents of the region. The change was a political response to the stunning Arab loss in the 1967 War. As Walid Shoebat said, “On June 4, 1967, I was a Jordanian, and overnight I became a Palestinian.”
  • The population of self-identified “Palestinians” has swelled from 1.2 million in 1967 to its present 14 million today.
  • Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005. There is no “occupation” there.
  • Those who keep track claim that Hamas has broken more than 20 ceasefires with Israel. Israel has never broken a ceasefire.
  • On October 7, Hamas targeted Israeli civilians, killing over 1,400, many of whom they first raped and tortured.
  • Since October 7, Israel has waged war against Hamas, which has hidden its men and arms in, around, and under hospitals, mosques, schools, and apartment buildings. Israel has consistently delayed military operations to allow civilians to evacuate military targets.
  • Jews make up approximately 2.4% of the American population. Muslims make up approximately 1% of the American population. They are expected to exceed Jews in number around 2025.
  • In 2022, when it came to religious-based hate crimes, there were 1,124 anti-Jewish incidents. Arabs, Muslims, and Sikhs combined, faced 431 hate crimes.

With that very incomplete context, let’s look at what Susan Sarandon has been saying:

She joined the crowd in chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – which is largely regarded as an antisemitic slogan that implies the decimation of Israel – before addressing the group herself.

“There are a lot of people that are afraid, that are afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,” she said.

Many in the crowd she addressed handed out flyers with the names and addresses of Jewish people and organizations as targets for retaliation.

Sarandon is an antisemitic ignoramus and a vile, disgusting excuse for a human being. She’s also no longer a box office draw. More than that, all the reliably leftist Jews in Hollywood are becoming scared. Being a Jewish leftist who spouts “Critical Race Theory,” “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” “Transgender Theory,” anti-Americanism, and the other fashionable academic tropes is all fun and games until the Gestapo and Brown Shirts come calling…and that’s what America’s leftist Jews are beginning to realize is a real possibility.

So, Sarandon finally faced a consequence for her long-standing socialist-driven antisemitism:

Oscar winner Susan Sarandon has been dropped by top Hollywood agency UTA after saying frightened Jews are “getting a taste of how it feels to be Muslim in America,” Page Six can reveal.

I agree with UTA. Anti-Jewish thinking (a European, Christian concept) and antisemitism (a Marxist concept) both have an ugly history of inciting genocidal fury. Sarandon won’t change her very little mind, but her career comeuppance might cause others to reexamine their beliefs.

Much more importantly, the murderous hostility she voices might drive Jews to stop sending money to antisemitic institutions (e.g., every college but Hillsdale and the entire mainstream media) and to help fund organizations and media outlets that are not steeped in racial and antisemitic hatred.

As an antidote to Sarandon’s venom and ignorance, I urge you to read this tweet in its entirety:

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