WaPo errs on Palestinian intentions

In “The gunfire in Gaza might abate. Alas, not so the horror of global hatred” (11/10/23), Washington Post editorial writer Colbert King writes of his visits to the sites of the worst atrocities befalling the Jewish people in the last century, starting with his trip to the Dachau concentration camp where horrors beyond imagination were perpetrated by the Nazis. He additionally toured other cities in Europe learning about the discrimination against Jews and how they were herded into small areas of the cities called “ghettos” like the Warsaw Ghetto. And there were other atrocities against the Jews of Europe that Mr. King discussed.  Kudos to King for reminding the world what anti-Semitism looks like.

That said, it appears to be happening again as over 1200 Israelis, along with many Americans, were brutally massacred in indescribable ways on October 7 in addition to 240 kidnapped, also including Americans, held hostage in Gaza.

In this discussion, it is important to mention the plight of the Palestinians as King did. His answer is that the Palestinians must have a homeland. I am assuming he means a two-state solution with a Palestinian state adjacent to an Israeli state.

The main problem with this idea is that even with the whole world in agreement with the need for a two-state solution as well, who will convince the Palestinians? At each and every rally in America, the Palestinian protestors are shouting “from the river to the sea.” That of course means a Palestinian country devoid of Israel extending from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. And according to the Hamas charter, a world devoid of Jews. The Palestinians have been offered a state numerous times and have walked away each time. The reason being that if they accept the two-state solution, that would mean they would be giving up their ambition to having it all. All insignia from the many Palestinian groups show the entire state of Israel as their country. They have indoctrinated their civilians and children that every inch is meant to be theirs.

In summary, let’s stop projecting our interests and actually listen to the Palestinians, their supporters, and their leadership as regards their true intentions. They don’t want a two-state solution, only one for themselves encompassing all of the land. Of course, they can’t have that, so working for two states is a fool’s errand.

Image: Washington Post 

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