Media Matters accused of rigging 'X' traffic, then Musk, Taibbi and Greenwald weigh in

Everyone decent despises Media Matters, the far-left nuisance outfit that serves as a 'go, fetch' operation for its billionaire sponsors, falsely "correcting" news outlets as purported fact-checkers and neutral arbiters of truth. In reality, they are censors who have terrified mainstream media reporters into toeing their phony "narrative" version of the "truth" in order to not get named and shamed as "rightwing media." 

Everything they do is partisan, not objective, they gladly set up a big booth at the Democrat National Convention in Denver in 2008 to show everyone where they stood. They are the brainchild of David Brock, who only recently left the outfit he founded.

Far from being just an ordinary partisan "fact-checking" outfit, they seem to have been caught dishonestly manipulating social media traffic results through fake accounts, according to a tweet by Jack Posobiec:



If that is true, then it would look at though some kind of fraud has been happening, given that advertisers set rates based on what they think are accurate traffic numbers. 

Word got around and then some heavy hitters of 'X' stepped up.





After that, Bigfoot Himself, who was lied about as an anti-Semite a few days ago by Media Matters, weighed in:



Look at the tone of those tweets.

Seems Media Matters is pumping itself up falsely and there are problems with what passes for its code of "ethics." They are now being accused of rigging traffic results.

If true, it would not be surprising. These creeps serve as the attack dog (or something that begins with a 'b') of the Democrat party which has no problem rigging anything -- elections, social media, or the occupant in the White House.

Under Joe Biden there's little hope that any of this might be investigated for fraud for now, but that doesn't mean they won't be hearing from their sponsors. Let's just say they have gotten themselves noticed and not in a good way.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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