They want what you have. All of it.

You have worked hard to afford a decent home in a relatively safe, but far from wealthy neighborhood. You and your wife have sacrificed both money and time to invest in the best education and lifestyle you can give your children. You have taught them the best value system you can. You have more hopes for their future than for yours. In fact, everyone in the world wants the life you have, especially if they do not live in America.

And now people, who live in other countries want to take all or a part of your house, and all or a part of your income, so that they can have what you have worked all your life to achieve. And your government is working to make that possible for them.

You also learn that your elected government, and the huge unelected part too, wants to take your money through taxation, inflation, and government giveaway programs, to support these people. And the efforts of your government to enable this is encouraged and backed by enormously wealthy and powerful international businessmen and women.

And although these people are not even citizens of the United States, not only do they want what you have, but believe they deserve it. Do you ever wonder what is going on?

Oh yeah. They want your daughters too. After all, back where they come from women are not considered worth protecting.

Image: Ken Lund

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