Washington Post omits that ‘Palestinians’ walked away from chance at statehood

On November 7th, The Washington Post ran an article titled, “What is the two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians?” The item, which encompasses almost a half-page, doesn’t once mention that the Palestinians have been offered a state at least a half-dozen times over the last 75 years, and have refused each time.

In 1948, when Israel declared independence, the local Arabs now known as “Palestinians” launched a genocidal war along with five neighboring Arab countries, with the explicit intent to “push the Jews into the sea” (their words). In one of the greatest upsets in history, the tiny Jewish state won. No other time in history has a loser of a war demanded so much from the winner. Israel offered more and more, eventually relenting in 2008 with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offering almost 100% of what the Palestinians wanted. They still said… no.

Then in 2017, as the authors of the article note, then-leader of Hamas Khaled Meshaal said the militants were ready to agree to a two-state “solution”… but that would not include recognizing Israel.

Even with that, The Post article blames Israel, saying this:

Israel’s construction of settlements in the West Bank represented one of the most pressing obstacles toward peace for Palestinians.

But Palestinians have been murdering Israelis and otherwise trying to destroy Israel since long before the dispute over settlements. In any event, if Israel can be a country with 20% of its inhabitants being Arab, why can’t a Palestinian state include 20% Jews? 

The crux of the conflict is demonstrated by the shouts at each and every Palestinian protest throughout America: “from the river to the sea.” The Palestinians want their state to extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea with no Jewish state existing at all. Moreover, from what they have said, they want it to be Jew-free.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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