LGBTQ and the Palestinians… spread the woke!

It’s very exciting to see that the alphabet narcissist brigade has decided to “stand with” Hamas. 

The reason it’s so exciting?  Hamas will finally be educated about microaggressions, pronouns, gendered language, systemic racism and all their cisgendered heteronormative privilege!

Woke couldn’t happen to a finer group of troglodytes!  And religious fanatics also couldn’t happen to a finer group of troglodytes!



What happens when #metoo meets honor killings?  I can’t wait to see the linguistic gymnastics that MSNBC will be doing over that!

And when the queers (or the Yale Divinity Institute… or both) write a comic book explaining how Muhammad was actually a trans woman of color? What a glorious day that will be for tolerance and diversity!

Even better, Marvel and Kathleen Kennedy could make a franchise about the prophet and put Brie Larson in the title role!  It would be an updated take of Muhammad, designed for today’s audiences; with lots of tolerance, inclusion, man bashing, and strong women characters waging Jihad without any training, religion, or practice!

Shopkeepers in the Middle East are going to have to learn how to lock up merchandise… they won’t be able to chop the hands of shoplifters unless they steal $900 worth of frankincense and myrrh!

The Soros-funded mullahs and clerics will be another fun adjustment that folkx in the Middle East will have to make.  New speeding ticket cameras and safe injection sites will have to be installed.  Cash bail will need to be implemented…so it can be eliminated. And only white men will be able to be taken to chop chop square.

Also, the Middle Eastern governments are going to have to give the people some rights, so the new woke citizens can scream about how their rights are being violated on TikTok.

The Kaaba will need to host a Pride night and supply Narcan for any revealers who indulge a bit too much. Oh yeah, it’s going to be family-friendly and clothing optional with a performance by Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Pink on top of the rock!  The Strong Woke Women of Wahhabi Festival!

If Trump wins in 24’ obviously Gaza would welcome all the marginalized and oppressed refugees who have to leave America! 

Tucking hijabs and abayas that show off cleavage can be found at (ironically named) Targets that will soon open in Gaza and throughout the new provinces of Wokeran.

If Hamas plays their cards right (and pays $40,000), Dylan Mulvaney might even do a video promoting their cause!

Hamas had better fully embrace their new LGBTQBLM allies and allow them to transition children, otherwise they will get called names and get blocked on Twitter!

The whole alliance really needs a theme song… maybe R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly”?



Image: Twitter screen shot

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