MUST-SEE VIDEO: Matt Walsh perfectly explains the war on Elon Musk

Monica Showalter has provided readers with an overview of the charges Media Matters has made against Elon Musk and the lawsuit Musk filed in response. However, space constraints mean that we can’t do a deep dive into what is really going on: the history of the left targeting Musk the moment he came out in favor of free speech, the defamatory attack on him as antisemitic, and the overall effort to silence any attempts to cross the government narrative. Matt Walsh, with the luxury of a 20-minute video monologue, however, has been able to analyze what the left is doing, and it is a MUST-SEE VIDEO.

He discusses—accurately—how Jewish groups that are perfectly aligned with leftists are afraid to acknowledge that antisemitism in America comes from minorities, women, and from the Democrat party. Given the Jews’ idiotic allegiance to the Democrat party, this leaves them with only one boogy man: the white male. For that reason, when Jewish groups such as the execrable, hard-left ADL, led by former Obama hack Jonathan Greenblatt, speak out against antisemitism, they are incapable of speaking honestly and, instead, pretend that Muslim and black antisemitism don’t exist. It was that reality with which Musk agreed, opening himself up to the latest attack from Democrats determined to destroy him.

Anyway, that’s the starting point for Matt Walsh’s analysis. It’s a very good, very accurate analysis about real antisemitism, fake accusations of antisemitism, and a leftist establishment that, from the White House on down, is determined to silence the one person who, in the lead-up to a pivotal election, is willing to allow free speech that counters the Democrat party narrative:

Image: X screen grab.

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