It’s not about Israel: We are the target

When you look at an individual tile of a mosaic you see one solid color. But when you zoom out, you see the whole picture.

In this age of rapidly developing sensational news stories, we try to understand each one, and it becomes overwhelming.

Could this be on purpose? When average citizens are bombarded with news of crime, inflation, high interest rates, and foreign conflicts, often they shut down and withdraw. They focus on paying their bills and keeping their children safe.

With every story having two sides - both argued passionately - you must become an expert on each topic in order to determine the truth.

Who has time for this, especially when the information you need to make an informed decision is often censored or slanted?

But there is an approach that allows you to cut through the hype and see what’s really happening.

It’s called ”Occam's Razor.” The best definition is "The simplest explanation is usually the best one."

Doesn’t that make sense? Truth rarely needs 2,400 words to explain itself.

Take election fraud as an example.

On one side you hear that Republicans have embarked on a vast conspiracy to deprive all minorities of their rights to vote. For some reason, black people are unable to get proper identification. Therefore, we must eliminate the need to present proper identification when voting. Voting is too inconvenient, so we must allow voting to go on for a month prior to each election, and we must mail absentee ballots everywhere, even if they go to the wrong address. We must allow others to collect ballots and rely on them to be delivered honestly on our behalf. All changes to election laws favor less security controls.

The other side is simpler: Almost all voting errors favor the Democrat. Almost all recounts favor the Democrat. Democrats are cheating.

One hundred words vs. 16 words. The most likely conclusion is that Democrats are cheating.

If incompetence is involved, the errors would cancel each other out.

Let’s apply Occam’s Razor to the news media.

Most news reports show the accusations and never the acquittals. Most people attacked by the media are conservatives. Most wrongdoing by Democrats is dismissed as misinformation and when the truth comes out, it is ignored or downplayed.

A recent example, a network of brothels using trafficked Asian women has been “rolled up by lawmen.”

It had been operating in Boston, and the D.C. suburbs, all very wealthy areas full of government money and lots of Democrats.

Will the client list be revealed? Are these Democrats compromised or being blackmailed? You can bet there would be wall-to-wall media coverage if Republicans were involved.

Easy conclusion, “don’t trust what you hear on the news, and assume it is active disinformation.”

Let’s apply Occam’s Razor to the question, “what is the motive behind Biden’s actions as president?”

Biden’s first steps were to systematically dismantle everything Trump had accomplished during his presidency. Using the “global warming emergency” as his excuse, Biden ended drilling for oil and natural gas and moved us from energy independence to having to rely on our enemies to obtain dirtier oil.

His appointees to the military focused on wokeness, not readiness, and ended up with weakness.

His support of Ukraine, to the tune of $60 billion, with another $53 billion allocated, has depleted our military of the supplies and ammunition we need to defend our own country.

He spent money we didn’t have for projects we didn’t need, and has run up the national debt to $33.7 trillion - fueling massive inflation that is ruining the lives of the “average Americans” he claims to represent.

He immediately began ignoring the law and opened our borders to all comers – terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, and common criminals. Fentanyl is now killing over 110,000 Americans per year, the equivalent of a Boeing 757-300 crashing every single day.

Biden has done everything in his power to support Iran.

By voluntar[i]y handicapping American oil and gas drilling, Biden essentially has doubled the price of oil from $45 to near $90, making Iran wealthy to the tune of about $120 billion extra income annually.

He has let all treaties on Iranian missile sales lapse, and is doing nothing to stop their development of nuclear weapons.

Similarly, Biden has allowed China free rein to expand their power across the world. Republicans on the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party wrote a letter to Biden stating, “…Beijing has taken no action to stem the flow of deadly fentanyl precursors to North America, no action to increase market access in line with its trade commitments, no action to reduce tensions in the Taiwan Strait or to stop its dangerous military provocations in the South China Sea, and no action to stop its unprecedented campaign of espionage against the United States.” 

After less than three years with Biden, our economy is in shambles, the dollar is under attack from BRICs, we are sending money to our enemies for oil, our military doesn’t have the ammunition and equipment to defend us, and our border is wide open to tens of thousands of military-aged men.


“All actions of our current administration serve to weaken the United States and empower and embolden our enemies. This is exactly what a puppet president would do if he was an agent of a cabal of hostile countries and corporations determined to eliminate the United States as a world power.” (Details of the accusations against the “Biden Crime Syndicate” are listed here.)

Armed with this new ability to see the big picture, and not just a single tile in the mosaic, where should we focus our attention?

Realize that Israel is a distraction; the U.S. is the target.

The October 7 atrocities were not a spur of the moment attack, but a deliberate plan to force Israel into war.

The attack was not initiated by Hamas.

Iran uses Hamas as a tool in their quest to destroy Israel and the United States and further their plans to take over the world.

Using deception to turn an enemy’s focus away from a sneak attack, and corrupting leadership from within, are tactics recognized by both the Iranians and the Chinese, who signed a 25-year strategic cooperation agreement in 2021.

Israel is the “Little Satan,” but the United States is the “Great Satan.”

We are the real target. Something more devastating than 9/11 will happen soon and it will be blamed on Hamas, not Iran and/or China.

FBI Director Wray acknowledges, “In just the past few weeks, multiple foreign terrorist organizations have called for attacks against Americans and the West," he added, noting al-Qaida "issued its most specific call to attack the United States in the last five years.

We’ve already seen scores of attacks on our power grid and our food manufacturing systems.

Election integrity is paramount.

Without honest results, the American people have no say in our own future. Our “elected” leaders will do the bidding of those who placed them in office. Support all efforts to ensure accurate voting rolls in each state and demand paper ballots. Paper ballots don’t have “glitches.”

Share news of 2020 and 2022 election “irregularities”, here, here, here, and here, and insist that they be investigated and corrected by your state legislators.

Talk to your brainwashed friends and families.

Will the Democrats’ failure to condemn the atrocities in Israel wake blue-collar Democrats up to the truth about their party?

“The average Joe wants some social safety nets -- but not over $33 trillion of debt. Wants clean air and water -- but not at the expense of worldwide destitution. Believes that immigration has been good for America -- but doesn’t support open borders. Believes in showing tolerance to others -- but not the destruction of Judeo-Christian values. Believes we can improve our society -- but not by abandoning our founding principles.


Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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