Common sense all went out in Massachusetts

Once upon a time, The Bee Gees sang about how the lights all went out in Massachusetts.  Today’s remake of that song would be about all common sense going out in the place where the Pilgrims landed 400 years ago.

Check this out:

Concord officials are looking to cover up signs that have stood in town for nearly a century because they say the plaques have lost their appeal and are offensive to Indigenous people.

In 1930, the Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Commission distributed three markers to the town as part of an initiative recognizing the 300th anniversary of the original colony’s founding.

The Select Board this week voted to cover up the signs, a step that officials say was needed to create a more respectful community for all.

The signs convey what life was like close to four centuries ago when settlers founded the town in 1635. But officials say the markers don’t accurately represent the history nor the people who live and visit Concord today.

Are we woke crazy yet?  Of course, the people living today are different from the ones living in 1635 and different from the ones who lived there in 1235.

And who is really offended?  Is it the so-called indigenous people, or is it the white liberals at the local college, so full of white guilt?

The hit song refers to hitching a ride to San Francisco, but there is no common sense there, either.  So who knows where they are hitching a ride to when the common sense all goes out in Massachusetts?  In the meantime, “I will remember Massachusetts,” where people hated the Yankees rather than their heritage.

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Image: Chris Dodds via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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