Hamas torturers, Hamas lies, and Hamas’s useful idiots

Since October 7, I keep returning to something I used to hear Dennis Prager say when interviewing leftists on his radio show. He was always polite, asking them probing questions, which he explained by stating, “I prefer clarity to agreement.” Sometimes, through clarity, he brought leftists to agree with him. As often as not, though, he’d force them to stand exposed in all their ugliness. When it comes to Hamas, whether in its home base in Gaza or acting through its useful idiots in America, we’re getting ever greater clarity, and it’s not pretty.

Now that the hostages are coming home, we are learning what they went through. Keep in mind that these hostages weren’t soldiers who were trained for the fight but were women, often having been terribly raped, children, elderly people, and wounded men. That is, they were vulnerable to begin with, and they were then exposed to physical deprivation, abuse, and extraordinary mental cruelty. Regarding the first two factors,

Israeli women and children on their return from Hamas captivity in Gaza speak of being beaten and threatened with death, moved from place to place and forced to whisper during weeks spent with little to do, their families say.


[A returned hostage’s cousin] told Israel's Channel 12 they were moved from place to place, both underground and above ground. They lost weight as food was scarce at times, and ate mostly rice and pita bread for days.

Officials at Israeli hospitals say hostages experienced poor nutritional health, and many with chronic diseases were denied medical treatment, causing serious health problems.

Abuse, though, doesn’t have to be physical. What happened to 12-year-old Eitan Yahalomi demonstrates the truly unfathomable cruelty of the Hamas captors.

Yahalomi had seen his father slaughtered before his eyes and then had been separated from his mother and sister, who had escaped. While in captivity, he was paraded before ordinary Gazan civilians who beat him. Once in the tunnels, Yahalomi, like the other children, was threatened with a rifle if he cried.

But something even worse than that abuse happened to him. According to his aunt, Hamas forced Yahalomi (and, I’m sure, the other children) to watch endless films of Hamas’s attack within Israel:

These videos, which the Hamas fighters who entered Israel proudly took using GoPros, embedded reporters, and the phones they stole from those they tortured, raped, and murdered, were not something that Hamas secreted away, knowing that what they did was morally wrong. Even the Nazis had higher standards than Hamas, for they understood that they had parted ways from civilization with their crimes.

The IDF has shown graphic but still curated versions of the footage to journalists to make them understand what happened on October 7. The journalists have been shattered by what they saw. I can assure you that Hamas did not curate the footage before showing it to the children who had already watched their parents, siblings, friends, and neighbors raped, mutilated, and slaughtered around them. If this doesn’t meet the definition of torture, I don’t know what does.

Meanwhile, Hamas is in full propaganda mode, claiming that one of its fighters, who was returned from an Israeli prison as part of a hostage exchange, was brutally tortured. Unfortunately, Israel has footage that definitively puts the lie to this story:

But getting back to reality,

When I read Wolf Howling’s essay about the culture of the Native Americans when they had contact with the Europeans, I was reminded of Hamas. Hamas terrorists and their many supporters in Gaza (75% of the population) have never evolved beyond a purely stone-aged mentality. The Native Americans had an excuse, having been completely isolated from the West. Hamas has no such excuse.

Moreover, you might have noticed that the one thing the Native Americans did not do was rape on their captives. That’s a purely Hamas gloss on the stone-age mentality.

Despite Hamas’s tremendous pride in what it has done, as well as the living evidence of the hostages it seized, those in America who make common cause with Hamas have engaged in a strange tactic: They are denying that October 7 ever happened. Or if they admit that it happened, they contend that the Israeli Army actually carried out the rape, torture, and slaughter on October 7:

These American residents are like the Nazis: They know that Hamas's actions are the essence of evil, so they pretend that they are not happening. They have a lingering sense of morality, not strong enough for them to resist evil but just strong enough for them to be embarrassed about.

As Rhett Butler said to Scarlet O’Hara when he caught her weeping because her recklessness led to her husband dying in a botched raid against black men who had tried to assault her, “You are in the exact position of a thief who’s been caught red handed and isn’t sorry he stole but is terribly, terribly sorry he’s going to jail.”

We are getting clarity. The lip service is gone. The fakery is gone. The pretense is gone. The veil is lifted, whether amongst those in Gaza and the West Bank, in Europe, or here in America. At least we can see our enemy in all his ugliness.

Image: X screen grab.

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