Hamas and its supporters around the world are worse than Nazis

World War II historian Andrew Roberts has a powerful essay making an important point: Hamas is worse than the Nazis because the Nazis still had a sufficient moral compass to be embarrassed by their genocidal crimes, while Hamas and its supporters are loud and proud. And when I say supporters, I don’t just mean the Gazastanians, a huge majority of whom support both Hamas and the massacre of Israelis. I mean their collaborators in the West, too, with the execrable Greta Thunberg as Exhibit A.

Roberts writes that, while still lacking the wherewithal to kill six million Jews, Hamas and the whole panoply of antisemitic Jihadists are “qualitatively worse than the Nazis in their belief systems, impulses, and instincts.” The reason?

In October 1943 Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, delivered a notorious speech to 50 of his senior lieutenants in Posen. “I want to speak frankly to you about an extremely grave matter,” he said. “We can talk about it among ourselves, yet we will never speak of it in public. … I am referring to the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people. … It is a page of glory in our history that has never been written and is never to be written.”

By total contrast, the Hamas killers 80 years later attached GoPro cameras to their helmets so they could livestream their atrocities over social media. Although the Nazis burnt Jews alive in barns on their retreat in 1945, they did not film themselves doing it. There are plenty of photographs of Nazis standing around death-pits full of Jewish corpses, but these were taken for private delectation rather than public consumption.

When the Soviets approached Auschwitz, the Nazis did everything they could to hide their crimes, whether it was to empty the camps by taking prisoners on death marches or simply destroying the crematoria, which were the infrastructure of mass murder. Moreover, the reason for the gas chambers was that the ordinary German soldier was sickened by slaughtering civilians en masse, even the Jews he’d been taught to believe were subhuman.

Hamas’s fighters, on the other hand, recorded, broadcast, and celebrated their raping women to death, slaughtering babies, and torturing children before killing them. They are ecstatic with blood lust, as is the civilian population in Gaza. Look at these happy citizens filming two men who were lynched and later dismembered for allegedly collaborating with Israel. I can assure you there was no due process, not even the faux-formality of a “kangaroo court.”

Hamas also has a rape culture worse than anything the Nazis did. Historically, conquering militaries have always raped. However, the Nazis had as their official policy avoiding rape because of their obsession with racial purity. Yes, the prohibition was widely ignored, but nothing the Nazis did compares to Hamas:

But that is different from the Hamas leadership giving their men orders to rape as many Jewish women as they could find and film themselves doing it, and in all too many cases taking them hostage afterwards or killing them.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops do not rape because they are moral. Yes, there will be exceptions, but Hamas and the Gazastanians don’t even try to pretend that their women are at risk.

Hamas and its jihadist ilk are death cultists who are out, loud, and proud. And that means their followers around the world are, too. When they chant “Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud,” they are calling for the massacre of all Jews:

And it’s not just Muslims. It’s also their fellow travelers on the left, with no one more perfectly exemplifying this than the anorexic Greta Thunberg, an uneducated neurotic teen who became the leader of the climate change movement. Of course, what’s hiding behind the movement is the dream of human extermination to retain the purity of a mindless planet for the benefit of a select few (Thunberg among them, of course).

While Greta can’t admit that she seeks humankind’s extermination, she openly calls for Jewish genocide:

And yes, Jewish genocide is the goal behind “crushing Zionism.” Hamas and the surrounding Muslim nations aren’t shy about their goal of deleting, with blood and finality, the “stain” of a Jewish presence on “their” land.

Clarity is a good thing, and we’re finally seeing the evil face behind the anodyne slogans. These are unabashedly murderous people. Whether they’re starting point is Islam or leftism, Jews are first in line for extermination, but the rest of us are on the chopping block, too.

Image: X screen grab.

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