FBI sets up recruiting tent at gay pride event

We called it—it was only a matter of time until “Pride” events routinely cropped up all throughout the year instead of remaining within the confines of June. And, as the FBI has apparently discovered, the unthinking degenerates who patronize such events provide the “law enforcement” agency with the perfect audience to run a public relations campaign (after an especially despicable few years), and a crop of recruitable future agents. From an article at The Gateway Pundit today:

In a post on X, the FBI’s Charlotte branch posted a photo of FBI agents with pride flags hanging on a recruitment tent in an effort to recruit attendees of the pride event.

Below, you can see the actual post:

(But of course! Where else would the agency go to meet its DIE quotas?)

There are really only three types of people who attend these LGBTQ++ festivals and celebrations:

The first are obviously the shameless perverts, the ones urinating on one another and engaging in anal sex in public, like the attendants of the Folsom Street Fair.

The second are the normal leftists, who may be “queer” or not, but their participation and attendance is chic, progressive, and most importantly, a signal that they are decidedly anti-conservative and therefore morally and culturally superior.

Third of course, are the citizen journalists documenting how very alive the transgressions of Sodom and Gomorrah still are in our modern American culture.

Naturally, the first two types of people are exactly for whom the Bureau is looking… so it makes perfect sense that recruiters would set up shop where they’d find a concentrated number of malleable misfits with an ax to grind, who are predisposed to take on the unofficial mission of the Bureau (cultural Marxism).

Also, on what planet does this FBI live? Do the social media managers behind the FBI account genuinely believe that the agency actually has a leg to stand on regarding “work the Bureau does to protect civil rights”? Only someone so utterly unthinking and uninformed could believe that were a true statement, which again, is exactly why the recruiters went to somewhere they knew leftists would be en masse.

Not like you need a reminder, but this is the FBI that “reckless[ly]” raided the home of pro-life activist Mark Houck with guns drawn on his children to arrest him for allegedly violating the FACE Act, charges for which Houck was later acquitted; it’s the same FBI that covered for Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior, to boost her chances of election in 2016; the same FBI that’s targeted peaceful protestors of J6, while ignoring the overwhelming number of instances of real domestic terrorism at the hands of abortion activists, Hamas supporters, and BLM/Antifa rioters; the same FBI that has so many taxpayer-funded informants on its roster, it’s lost count (payments generally start at $100k and go up from there); the same FBI that faithfully and loyally serves the Bidens and the rest of the political aristocracy, covering up scandal after scandal as it lies straight to the faces of the American people. (The list goes on and on ad nauseam.)

Is it just me or does this story give Nazis-recruiting-the-misfits-for-a-sinister-agenda vibes? Does the name Ernst Röhm mean anything to these people? What about “Night of the Long Knives”? Do these people know what happens when a weaponized paramilitary agency runs out of use for you? I do….

What could possibly go right when an illegally-operating and unconstitutional federal behemoth with no accountability recruits the proudly amoral and depraved?

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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