Democrats finally solved the illegal immigration problem!

After reading an article about ungrateful illegal aliens leaving the U.S. and heading back home, I suddenly had a eureka moment.  It has all become clear to me now.  The Democrats have found a solution to the illegal immigration problem! They have realized that by making their cities and states totally unlivable, they will alleviate the burden that illegal aliens place on their economies and infrastructures.  This is brilliant, and I never would have thought of it, but kudos to the Dems for solving a decades-long problem.

And it doesn’t stop there.  They and their sibling progressives discovered long ago that they could tighten the noose around all conservatives by simply mismanaging their state and local governments.  By creating chaos, insecurity, and instability, they have retired the welcome mat and opened the door to out-migration by all those pesky right-wing types who don’t want to see their own personal economies and safety — not to mention the education of their children — befouled.  Not to be outdone by the likes of “true blue” mayors and governors, the feds have their own unique methods of forcing Republicans and centrist-leaning voters to head for the hills (sometimes the hills of foreign countries) by instituting policies designed to strip them of their freedoms and livelihoods.

Here are a few of their actions...

1. By turning off the fossil fuel spigot, they made us dependent on marginally effective and costly energy sources.

2. By mandating excessively stringent EPA clean air standards and other regulations, they forced us into buying expensive and inefficient electric vehicles that have few re-charging stations and depend on Chinese-sourced materials for their batteries.

3. By “tweaking” the tax system, they can punish wealthy Americans for their industriousness and innovation.

4. By dumbing down our educational system in the elementary through high school levels, they can create new generations of history-illiterate automatons who will do their bidding at the ballot box.

5. By instituting “emergency measures” via executive orders as part of their federal, state, and local toolbox, they can effectively circumvent existing legislation and give themselves carte blanche to declare any challenge to their orthodoxy an “emergency.”

Ingenious.  Martial law without the guns.  Liberty infringement by executive fiat.

We can thank the fourth-century priest St. Jerome, for the phrase “fiat lux” (“let there be light”), for giving us that word.  Since the 17th century, however, a fiat has become a kind of executive decree that allows the issuer complete authority to ignore prevailing, lawful practice in the name of protecting the greater good.  During the past two Democrat administrations of eleven years, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have issued 402 such E.O.s, while Donald Trump issued 220 in his four years in office.  For a complete listing of all presidents and their E.O.s, see here.

Here in the State of New Mexico, our governor used her power to mask us up and shut down parts of our economy for nearly two years, forcing some businesses into bankruptcy and others significant hardships during the coronavirus epidemic.  She was not alone.  Her actions mirrored those of many blue states’ governors, who chose to ignore their citizens’ basic freedoms of assembly and speech.  This was done by banning public gatherings and by declaring certain speech misinformation, especially when it came to medication and inoculations.  Recently, the New Mexico governor sought to completely disregard the state’s “open carry” gun laws by declaring a “gun emergency” here.  Fortunately, there was sufficient pushback from the Legislature and the general public to make her rethink her monarchial pronouncement.

These examples are but the tip of a growing iceberg of executive overreach, and they are now causing some recent migrants to seriously rethink their situations.  Do they stay and suffer under elected officials like the rest of us, or do they return to their countries of origin, where some of them enjoyed more freedom?

We, born-in-the-USA citizens, also have a choice.  Do we continue to live under worsening economic and safety/security conditions and all the assaults on our traditional values and culture?  Do we fight back? we book passage on the S.S. I’m outta here and sail off into the sunset in search of more friendly ports of call?

At some point, our bellyaching has to stop and be replaced by our actions.  For those of my fellow citizens who still think our system works, there is another chance to make your voices heard in a presidential election less than a year from now.  As for the rest of us, it’s probably time to renew our passports.

Stephan Helgesen is a retired career U.S. diplomat who lived and worked in 30 countries for 25 years during the Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, and G.W. Bush administrations.  He is the author of fourteen books, seven of which deal with American politics.  He has also written over 1,300 articles on politics, economics, and social trends.  He operates a political news story aggregator website,  He can be reached at

Image: PhotosByMahin via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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