Tender moment between President Trump and his granddaughter is too precious to miss

Yesterday, Lara Trump shared a video in which President Trump accompanied his young granddaughter (Lara’s daughter) to her classroom for “Grandparent’s Day.” The moment was too precious to miss:

There was no salivation, no flicking of the tongue, no hands creeping up from waist to breast, no groping or fondling; it was a display of pure, father-like affection. Obviously, the scene was a stark and welcome contrast to the behavior we see from Trump’s successor; as we all know, there are too many instances to include, but a compilation can be seen here:

And a shockingly creepy exhibit here, with an ambush from behind and a quick hand to stifle protest:

Trump gently holds his granddaughter’s hand and allows her to lead him; Biden puckers up like a lecherous, paying, old man and presses his lips to those of his granddaughter:

There are countless things I miss about the Trump years, but most of all, I miss a time when America’s political leader wasn’t a totally disgusting and decrepit pervert. 

I miss the savage (yet undeniably PG-rated) comedic confrontations that Trump brought to the fight—I never understood the “mean tweets” accusation because he was always just plain hilarious and nothing was undeserved or needlessly cruel—but more than that I miss a time when we had a president who didn’t hunt down his young daughters in the night for “shower” time.

I miss the America first position from the White House, pulling American taxpayers like me from global bureaucratic agreements that only stood to destroy my financial security and the country I love—but more than that I miss having a president who didn’t get caught licking toddlers’ shoulders on camera.

I miss seeing a statesman and businessman who loves America in the White House, instead of a career politician who hates everything about this great nation and our rule of law—but more than that I miss a time when political leaders saw children as precious gifts and not sexual objects.

I miss seeing an American executive stride onto the world stage and dominate, instead of shuffle aimlessly about before supplicantly posturing at the feet of dictators and tyrannical regimes.

I  miss President Trump, and videos like this are a sentimental reminder of why he still has my vote.

Image from X.

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