Biden is falling apart among five key demographic groups -TIPP poll

Joe Biden is weak and getting weaker as a presidential candidate among nearly all demographic groups, but five stand out, according to TIPP Insights, which conducts very reliable polls.

According to TIPP Insights:

One year before the 2024 election, President Biden faces challenges among several demographic groups. Using our TIPP Presidential Leadership Index, we identify 21 demographic segments where Biden is vulnerable. Our analysis reveals that his greatest vulnerability lies in the Midwest, among individuals aged 18-24, moderates, households with incomes under $30K, and households in the $50K-$75K bracket.

So we can presume that these are the people with the most social capital to flinch back in disgust at the chaos and disorder and unfairness of his policies. That's the Midwestern middle class and its many moderates. And it's the young voters and those with low incomes, who are the people being hurt the most.

TIPP also notes that there is a cascading effect among these groups, with each successive time period lower than the earlier one, meaning, Biden is in real trouble.

All of that makes perfect sense. These are the people who despise Joe Biden the most.

Joe Biden and all his inflation and greenie regulations have made a hash of these people's finances -- their incomes, their retirement accounts, their mounting credit card bills, their ability to buy a new car, or to take a vacation. All of that is gone, and worse still for Joe, they remember very well how President Trump made all of those things better.

According to this McLaughlin & Associates poll, cited by Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner:

President Joe Biden’s effort to promote “Bidenomics” as an inflation cure appears to be backfiring big time, helping former President Donald Trump expand his lead to a near majority of likely voters.

In the latest monthly McLaughlin & Associates national survey, 84% of likely voters said inflation and higher costs have affected their lives. Of those, 46% said they are “struggling” to make ends meet.

The survey, shared with Secrets, also said 50% of voters feel that Bidenomics has been “bad or very bad for the economy, inflation and the cost of living.”

Joe Biden continues to gaslight and deny the impact of his own policies on the voters, citing some crony giveaway to some special interest group as proof he's improving things. But there's no denying that four more years of this senile old fool and his inability to change course is going to make things even worse for the vast middle-middle of America and those just entering the workforce.

Will they vote against Joe? These are the moderates who re-elected Gretchen Whitmer governor of Michigan, and though there may have been rigging, plenty of them gave her the votes.

One can only hope they have the guts to do so or just stay home if they can't. The Argentinians did. The Dutch did. Maybe they will, and maybe the Democrats won't be able to cheat their way to victory in those parts. Voting in Joe is a recipe for more of this pain and they don't have to take it anymore.If they can just bite the bullet and cast that vote for President Trump, Biden and his pain will be gone.

One hopes the Republicans take heed of this landscape and move hard to scarf up these voters -- as well as those in other groups who show huge drops in support but not as high as these top five, such as black voters, single women, married women, rural voters, etc. The appeal needs to be to young people, to Midwesterners, to the poor, and the battered middle class -- and all the others. One hopes that they do, because this election is winnable.

Image: TIPP Insights / logo

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