Trump trial: The camera never lies

The judge presiding over the New York civil fraud case against President Donald Trump decided to invite the media cameras into the courtroom, but what became obvious is that the camera never lies.

I don't doubt for a moment that showing Trump at bay motivated Judge Arthur Engoron's allowing of the media to show the beginning of the proceedings.  Trump gave the cameras nothing: no anxious movements and no emotional reactions to feed the media pundits.

Instead, viewers saw the mad dog glare of New York attorney general Letitia James focused on Trump like a laser.

Maybe her stare was genuine, or maybe she was playing for the cameras?  Maybe both?

Anyway.  As the photogs made their way out, Engoron gladly removed his glasses and flashed a creepy smile for the cameras, as if he had landed the big one.

Two images of the mockery of justice playing out before the American people: James, portraying the absolute hatred the left and the Uniparty have against Trump, while Engoron's inappropriate smirk/smile reeked of smug satisfaction.  I bet he was thinking, "Yeah, I'm presiding over Trump, squirming in front of cameras.  Not quite a perp-walk, but it will do."

Uh, guys?

Trump wasn't the one looking bad in court.  In fact, thanks for boosting his already astronomical polling.  Thanks also for revealing your true spiteful selves to the American people.

The camera never lies.

With Trump's mug shot, the anger, disgust, and determination of patriots reflected in Trump's flinty visage.  This certainly wasn't the case with Attorney General James and Judge Engoron.

Viewers witnessed not only the hatred, pettiness, and smallness of the left, but also the corruption of America's legal system through the reactions of these two.   James and Engoron are symbolic of a system trained no longer on murderers, thieves, and other criminals, but on political enemies.

Again, the camera never lies.

Keep in mind that this is the latest effort to piss off and demoralize Trump-supporters, especially those on the fence.  One thing lefties can't resist is a show trial parading the enemies of the state.  It's in their commie-centric hearts.   

This is already blowing up in their faces since an appellate judge nullified 80 percent of the charges, due to statute of limitations, in June.  Not a good beginning, but least the cameras were let in.

Dex Bahr blogs at the Discerning and is the author of the new book American Christian: A Treatise of Spiritual, Cultural and Political Discernment, now on sale at Amazon.  He is also the author of No Christian Man Is an Island: Leading the Spiritual Quest in America's Culture Wars

Image: Screen shot from Forbes video via YouTube.

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